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Important Notes

  1. Product Group Permissions are Blocked by default for new buy-side users. As such, when brokers configure new users they must set the product groups to Allowed before the buy-side user can trade the markets that support product group permissions (currently CME, ICE, and CBOT).
  2. Due to the introduction of contract-based risk, existing account-based risk product limits will be deleted upon upgrade. Existing Gateway Login-based product-limits will NOT be deleted.

Why Should I Upgrade?

This version is a mandatory upgrade for MultiBroker. It adds new functionality to the TT User Setup servers and clients.

System Requirements

This version is a mandatory upgrade for MultiBroker. It adds new functionality to the TT User Setup servers and clients.

Installation Notes

The TT User Setup server is ONLY compatible with the TT User Setup,,, and desktop clients. Additionally, TT User Setup prevents Buy-side administrators from logging onto the desktop application. Buy-side administrators must log onto TT User Setup using the Web Client.


  1. General
    1. When deleting users, users are no longer "queued for delete" for 30 days; users are deleted immediately. (Ref 216059)
    2. TT User Setup MultiBroker requires that TT, Broker, and Buy-side administrators set the country and email address for all new users. Additionally, if the user's country is the United States, then TT User Setup also requires the Zip Code field. (Ref 216426)
  2. Configuration
    1. Changed the "TTAPI Allowed", "Undefined Accounts Allowed" and "Account Changes Allowed" to broker-controlled fields. (Ref 203469)
    2. Added the Account-based Risk functionality from TT User Setup 7.4 to TT User Setup MultiBroker. (Ref 212795, 214008)
    3. Combined the "Manual Fill (MF) publishing allowed" and "Start of Day (SOD) publishing allowed" fields into a single field, "Manual Fill (MF) and Start of Day (SOD) publishing allowed". When upgrading to this version, if either "Manual Fill (MF) publishing allowed" or "Start of Day (SOD) publishing allowed" is checked then the "Manual Fill and SOD publishing allowed" will also be checked. (Ref 213521)
    4. Added an "Account Permissions" tab to the User profile window, which allows a Broker administrator to restrict which accounts a user can use when routing orders, and which accounts a user can use when routing orders with ADL. This allows the administrator to place stricter risk controls on ADL accounts. (Ref 214013)
    5. Added a Buy-side administrator controlled setting that can prevent a user from claiming their own staged orders. (Ref 214407)
    6. Added a new Broker controlled option "Submitting wholesale orders with undefined accounts allowed". When unchecked, this option prevents a user from submitting wholesale orders with account numbers that are not defined in TT User Setup. When checked, the user can enter any account number unless restricted by customer defaults or Account Permissions. (Ref 215088)
    7. Added a new Broker-controlled option, "Apply limits to wholesale orders", to the Edit Account and Edit Account Group windows. When unchecked, the account-based product limits do not apply to wholesale orders. (Ref 215090)
    8. TT User Setup administrators can now configure drop copy FIX Adapter client and Server users with auto-generated Gateway logins. (Ref 215543)
    9. Added the ability to configure risk per-contract when configuring risk at the account level. Administrators can set the maximum orders size, maximum position, and price reasonability settings per contract, as well as enabling or disabling trading for a specific contract. These settings override the product-level settings. For more information, refer to the What's New topic in the TT User Setup Online Help Library. (Ref 217225)
    10. The New/Edit User window has been redesigned. Improvements include a new sidebar for navigating the user's settings, reorganized user settings, and a Search feature to help find the user settings. For more information, refer to the What's New topic in the TT User Setup Online Help Library. (Ref 218013)
    11. Broker administrators can no longer edit their own permissions (e.g., "Account changes on fills allowed"). Initial administrators created by TTNET will now have appropriate permissions enabled so that these administrators can grant the same permissions to users they create. This release also re-enables these permissions for any administrators that were previously created by TTNET. (Ref 219950)
  3. Login
    1. During login, if TT User Setup cannot find a TT User Setup Server, TT User Setup continues to search for a server without requiring the user to close and reopen the Login window. (Ref 212136)


  1. General
    1. Fixed an issue where copying duplicate product limits caused an error. Now, TT User Setup displays a message that allows the administrator to either overwrite the product limit or cancel copying the duplicate limit. (Ref 213239)
    2. Fixed an issue where occasionally TT User Setup would generate an "An item with the same key has already been added." error when editing MGT-based product limits. (Ref 215060)
    3. Optimized TT User Setup to address timeouts when processing large amounts of data. (Ref 215064, 217663, 218668)
    4. Fixed an issue where removing an account from an account group caused an error. (Ref 215068)
    5. Fixed an issue where TT User Setup required Gateway Logins with a Group ID of XXX to begin with TTORD. Now an admin Gateway Login like CME123 XXX MGR is allowed. (Ref 217164)
    6. Fixed an issue where FIX Adapter Server Users were shown in the Broker Administrators' User list. FIX Adapter Server Users are no longer shown to Broker Administrators. (Ref 217956)
    7. Fixed an issue where TT User Setup incorrectly allowed a broker to assign a single user multiple credentials to a synthetic server. This is now prohibited. (Ref 218142)
    8. Fixed an issue where adding new gateways to the environment caused TT User Setup to shut down. (Ref 220141)
  2. Login
    1. Fixed an issue where new FIX Adapter Servers and FIX Adapter Client logins were being forced to reset passwords upon initial login. Now, passwords for FIX Adapter Server users and FIX Adapter Client users do not expire and do not need to be reset upon initial login. (Ref 218441, 208669, 218443, 218760)

Known Issues

  1. General
    1. Broker Administrators running the TT User Setup beta client while connecting to the TT User Setup production server will see "Inter-Product Strategy" and "Inter-Product Spread" as available product types for Gateway Login - based product limits. However, these are not valid types and should not be used. Workaround: After the Broker Administrator upgrades the TT User Setup client to the production version, these product types will only appear for account-based risk product limits. (Ref 219637)