BVMF Gateway

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Important Notes

Why Should I Upgrade?

BVMF gateway 7.17.4 resolves issue with the settlement prices missing on Monday after the startup.

System Requirements

BVMF gateway 7.17.4 resolves issue with the settlement prices missing on Monday after the startup.

Installation Notes



  1. Price Server
    1. The settlement price is no longer missing on Monday's. (Ref 223884)

Known Issues

  1. Fill Server
    1. The Fill Server might display manual fills from previous sessions if it does not process any fills over the course of the number of days configured by the "Trim-File-Interval" parameter in the AConfig Utility. (Ref 128329)

  2. Login
    1. Priming of TTORD is no longer required. (Ref 225075)

  3. Order
    1. (BETA) Admin delete is not supported. (Ref 225089)

  4. Order Server
    1. An issue exists where a Future leg on a spread contract is tagged as 'Calendar' in the 'Contract' column. (Ref 198718)

    2. ABR is not calculated correctly on Equity strategies on BVMF 7.17.5 with TTUS 7.4.12 (Ref 221530)

    3. Orders will become unmanagable(deletes or changes are not processed) on TT system after an external modification of Account (Tag 1) or Reference (Tag 58) fields. (Ref 224514)

  5. Pre-Trade Risk
    1. Account-based positions are not reset at the fills session rollover if the Order Server is running during the rollover and AutoSOD is set to false. (Ref 221856)

  6. Price Server
    1. The BVMF market states Pre-Close and Close both appear as CLSD (Closed) in X_TRADER. However, Pre-Close market data updates from the exchange are processed and displayed correctly for these contracts, and all order actions (enter, modify, cancel) allowed by the Exchange during this phase are supported by the BVMF Gateway. Please refer to the BVMF Gateway System Administration Manual for more details. (Ref 164420)

    2. Contract state might be displayed incorrectly as "Auction", when the contract is in the "Open" state. (Ref 214870)

    3. Price Server can crash due to excessive memory allocation during snapshot updates processing. (Ref 215486)

    4. The settlement prices are rounded to the nearest tick. (Ref 217877)

    5. Some spread contracts are listed backwards. (Ref 218035)