TTNET Root Certificate

Released: Oct 21, 2019 File Size: 3008
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Important Notes

After the close of trading on December 27, 2019, TT will replace the current root certificate used in TTNET, which is expiring. The root certificate is used by all TT client applications connecting to TTNET in order to verify the authenticity of the servers. All certificates have an expiration date embedded at the time they are created which cannot be altered, and certificate replacement is a standard phase in their lifecycle.  The current root certificate must be replacced prior to the December 30th trade date.

If customers do not want to or can not upgrade to the client application versions that are packaged with the new root certificate, they can replace the existing ttnet_root_public_key_certificate.pem file located at <drive>:\TT\config with this version that is available for download.  This new file can be put in place at any time, as it contains both the existing and upcoming certificate.