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Important Notes

FMDSTradeCalendar.xml and TradeCalendar_primary.xml files have been updated and are currently available for download.

Updates include:

  • Adjust schedules into temporary trading hours ahead of the U.S. time change until March 30 2019
  • New holidays for Japan in relation to the Japanese New Emperior Enthronement
  • Added a new EurexFBTPSchedule
  • Updated EurexFSMISchedule
  • Modified SFEEquityIndexSchedule and SFEInterestRateSchedule due to trading hours change from 2nd Sunday in March

To upload these files to FMDS:

  • Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\config.
  • Back up existing TradeCalendar.xml and TradeCalendar_primary.xml files.
  • Copy the latest TradeCalendar.xml and TradeCalendar_primary.xml files downloaded from the TT Download Center into this directory.

Should you have any questions, please contact TT Support.