X_TRADER® API (win64)

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Important Notes

  • X_TRADER API 7.17.x and later no longer supports versions of X_TRADER® prior to 7.9.2.
  • Some X_TRADER® API applications may need to be updated when moving to X_TRADER® API 7.17.0 or higher. Specifically, existing order routing applications will need to be updated if they are to be used in environments where users are configured with multiple connections to a given TT Gateway, such as the TT Multibroker environment. For a complete details, see Using the X_TRADER® API in Multi-Connection Configurations.
  • The ability to inject Start-of-Day (SOD) Records and Manual Fills has been deprecated beginning in X_TRADER® API 7.17.0. This functionality has been added to TT API 7.17.1.
For a more comprehensive discussion of these changes, see What's New in X_TRADER® API 7.17.

Why Should I Upgrade?

X_TRADER API 7.17.65 includes one enhancement as detailed below.

System Requirements

X_TRADER API 7.17.65 includes one enhancement as detailed below.

Installation Notes

X_TRADER will continue to be packaged with the 32-bit version of XTAPI. Customers must uninstall 32-bit X_TRADER® API before installing 64-bit XTAPI.


  1. Installation Notes
    1. Enhanced the installation process to sign the TT Excel Add-Ins so that users don't have to lower their security settings to utilize them. (Ref 232060)



Known Issues

  1. Common
    1. The Market Explorer API is not compatible with 64-bit applications. (Ref 229127)

  2. Additional Notes
    1. Microsoft Excel 2013 64-bit has an issue which will cause memory to grow when used in combination with the X_TRADER® API 64-bit RTD Server. When using the X_TRADER® API 64-bit RTD Server, customers are advised to use Microsoft Excel 2010 64-bit.