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Important Notes

As a result of the changes made beginning in version 7.17.0, applications built with prior versions of the TT API may require code changes. For a complete discussion of the changes, see What's New in TT API 7.17.1 in the TT API Online Help.

The PriceSubscription.InstrumentDetails property has been removed in version 7.17.30 version. Customers using this property should use the PriceSubscription.Instrument property for instrument information.

Why Should I Upgrade?

TT API 7.17.62 includes a fix to the issue detailed below.

System Requirements

TT API 7.17.62 includes a fix to the issue detailed below.

Installation Notes



  1. Market Data
    1. Added a new property called EnablePriceSubscriptionConsolidation to the TTAPIOption class to allow clients to enable price subscription consolidation in scenarios where a large number of price subscriptions is required. (Ref 231527)

  2. Orders / Fills
    1. Added a new property in the Order object to expose the timestamp displayed in the "Exchange Time" column in the X_TRADER® Order window. (Ref 231426)


  1. Market Data
    1. Fixed an issue that resulted in failed market data subscriptions for instruments that have no contract state. (Ref 232042)

Known Issues