OSE Gateway

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Important Notes


Why Should I Upgrade?

Fixed issues reported in production environment.

System Requirements

Fixed issues reported in production environment.

Installation Notes



  1. Account
    1. AOTC (Avoid Orders That Cross) check will only be performed for Limit and Iceberg orders. (Ref 229756)

  2. Order Server
    1. Resolved a race condition where a fill was generated for an order that was already deleted. (Ref 231510)


  1. Order Server
    1. A 'FrmHst' (from exchange to TT application) event has been added to the TT audit file. (Ref 229286)

Known Issues

  1. Order API
    1. OSE Order Server currently does not populate milliseconds in the transaction timestamp. (Ref 201642)

  2. Order Server
    1. Stale orders can appear in the X_TRADER® Order Book window. This can occur if a fill is generated during the interval in which active orders and outstanding fills are downloaded from the exchange. The Order Server then discounts those fills from its order book, resulting in stale orders. (Ref 149931)

    2. GTC and GTDate orders placed on non-JGB spreads will be converted to Day order by the exchange. Such orders will continue to be displayed as GTC/GTDate in X_TRADER. (Ref 230037)

  3. Price API
    1. Price server deployed in stand-by mode will only subscribe for LTP & LTQ data. (Ref 206274)

  4. Price Server
    1. BidCnt, AskCnt, WrkBuys and WrkSells fields in X_TRADER® Market Grid window can be incorrect during Auction states (Pre-Open, Pre-Close, etc). (Ref 209344)

    2. Minimum price increment of OSE JNET orders on OPTION products is incorrect. (Ref 216733)

    3. Bid and Ask prices are not aggregated at the Indicative Price during the 'FREEZE' trading state. (Ref 217374)