CFE Gateway

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Important Notes


Why Should I Upgrade?

CFE Gateway 7.17.75 resolves issues reported in production environment.

System Requirements

CFE Gateway 7.17.75 resolves issues reported in production environment.

Installation Notes



    1. Added support for account type 'L' for processing non-member/house orders. (Ref 230806)

  1. Account
    1. AOTC (Avoid Orders That Cross) check will only be performed for Limit and Iceberg orders. (Ref 229756)


    1. Fixed an issue with processing settlement prices. Price server will not crash while processing settlement prices. (Ref 231432)

  1. Order Server
    1. A 'FrmHst' (from exchange to TT application) event has been added to the TT audit file. (Ref 229286)

Known Issues

  1. Order Server
    1. If the Order Server is left running for 24 hours, users will not be able to place any new orders.

      Note: By default, TT Chron will restart the Order Server daily. (Ref 200665)

    2. The Order Server does not support the variance future price and quantity which is calculated by the exchange. Currently, the Order Server only shows the variance points and quantity as entered by the user. (Ref 213291)

    3. If two or more CFE gateways started exactly at the same time then the order numbers generated on both gateways can collide resulting in order rejection from the exchange. A workaround for this issue is to change the gateway start up time. (Ref 221801)

  2. SOD
    1. issue where Start of Day(SOD) records were not handled properly when the same prompt day spans 3M contracts across multiple business days. (Ref 228206)