NYSE Liffe Gateway

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Important Notes

Why Should I Upgrade?

NYSE Liffe Gateways 7.17.76 add support for EFP trade entry facility at Euronext.

System Requirements

NYSE Liffe Gateways 7.17.76 add support for EFP trade entry facility at Euronext.

Installation Notes



  1. Price Server
    1. Added support for Euronext's EFP trade facility. (Ref 231148)

    2. Settlement prices received at the end of the trading session are no published into the Indicative Settlement field. (Ref 231365)

Known Issues

  1. Order Server
    1. Working orders can disappear from a trader's order book and appear only for TTADM logins if the Order Server experiences multiple intra-day restarts. (Ref 200800)

    2. The Exchanges= entry in Hostinfo.cfg is case sensitive. (Ref 214371)

  2. Orders
    1. Order Add messages do not provide exchange date. (Ref 218240)

  3. Price Server
    1. When the Price Server misses a large number of packets and enters recovery, the server can run out of memory. Depending on the specific scenario, this results in either the server experiencing a shutdown or a crash. (Ref 162127)

    2. In some cases, the expiration dates on a spread contract can be incorrectly populated, which results in both orders and summary fills reporting the wrong date in the Expiry field. Leg fills for these contracts have the correct dates. (Ref 174101)

    3. If the Price Server misses a large number of packets, it can run out of memory and crash during the recovery. When this occurs, TT Chron automatically restarts the Price Server. After restart, the Price Server continues to function properly. (Ref 200907)

    4. The Price Server can fail to retrieve all products if the exchange Refresh Server is not available. (Ref 201492)

    5. In the event of a Price Server disconnect from the exchange, after the re-connect price updates can be delivered out of order to the connected client applications (e.g., prices that are off the inside market could be delivered before inside market prices). In this scenario, some client applications that trigger off inside market prices might trigger prematurely. (Ref 213650)

  4. Wholesale Trades
    1. Wholesale OTC trades submitted via X_TRADERĀ® 7.12 ( old X_Block window ) are not risk checked for price reasonability limits. (Ref 220864)

    2. Wholesale OTC orders are not displayed in the Order Book after the session disconnect. Fills for such orders are processed correctly. (Ref 221778)