BrokerTec Gateway

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Important Notes

Why Should I Upgrade?

7.16.15 Gateway resolves issues related to Account Based Risk.

System Requirements

7.16.15 Gateway resolves issues related to Account Based Risk.

Installation Notes



  1. Order Server
    1. Account based SOD records generated when GTC orders placed on older versions of the gateways (7.16.7 or below) fills, will now contain a valid risk account. (Ref 220133)

Known Issues

  1. Fill Server
    1. The Fill Server might display manual fills from previous sessions if it does not process any fills over the course of the number of days configured by the "Trim-File-Interval" parameter in the AConfig Utility. (Ref 128329)

    2. Deleting bof.tbl files on the gateway can cause FIX Adapter to miss fills. (Ref 135760)

    3. The Fill Server can log :"Fill confirmation record has a sequence number (xxx) which is not valid to the internal cache. Retrieve of record failed." There are no known issues to the TT system with regards to this message, other than the logging. (Ref 201904)

  2. Order Server
    1. Order Router log time deltas might be inaccurate. (Ref 141255)

    2. An issue exists that does not allow users to execute the "Logout ITM" command in the Guardian Admin menu. (Ref 169473)

    3. The Order Server might crash during shutdown. (Ref 74766)

  3. Orders
    1. Algo SE submits stop orders on BTec gateway even though it is not natively supported. (Ref 221060)

  4. Pre-Trade Risk
    1. Account-based positions are not reset at the fills session rollover if the Order Server is running during the rollover and AutoSOD is set to false. (Ref 221856)

  5. Price API
    1. Orders for newly created strategies are no longer rejected. (Ref 220076)

  6. Price Server
    1. The Price Server might crash during shutdown. (Ref 125346)

    2. An issue exists where price updates might be missing for products containing a product name longer than 16 characters. Currently, this affects certain Canadian Treasury products. (Ref 138002)

    3. The Price Server might crash on shutdown if started from the Windows Service Control Manager window. (Ref 150542)

    4. Total Traded Quantity (TTQ) is incorrect if the Price Server is restarted in the middle of the trading day. (Ref 151751)

    5. The contract status is incorrectly displayed as "Open" when it is in "Suspended" state. (Ref 151763)

    6. Cross markets can be displayed in TT system after an exchange side fail-over scenario. (Ref 221863)