HKEx Gateway

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Important Notes

This release supports connectivity to the Hong Kong Futures Exchange utilizing the exchange PRS plus price feed. Please refer the HKEx Gateway System Administration Manual for details.

Why Should I Upgrade?

System Requirements

Installation Notes


  1. Logging
    1. Position reserve orders are flagged in audit log. (Ref 229193)


Known Issues

  1. Order Server
    1. User configured account code mappings in the hostinfo file are ignored by the gateway. (Ref 229902)

    2. Price reasonability checks are not performed correctly in Pre-Open. (Ref 229992)

  2. Orders
    1. Market To Limit order that has been converted to a Limit order can no longer be modified to a different price. (Ref 226134)

    2. Changing the Time In Force (TIF) of a working order is not supported by the gateway. (Ref 229900)

  3. Price Server
    1. During the scheduled start-up in the morning, Price Server incorrectly maps the trading status to 'Open' when the market is in 'Close' state. (Ref 227575)

    2. High,Low,Open and Close prices might be displayed as zero after an intra-day price server restart. (Ref 229751)

    3. Exchange trading status 'OPENALLOC' is currently mapped to 'Pre-Open' in X_TRADER. (Ref 229752)

    4. Indicative price might be displayed in non-auction states. (Ref 229993)