FIX Adapter (win64)

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Important Notes

    • Administrator
      • This release of FIX Adapter contains Guardian 7.9.7. Installing Guardian 7.9.2 or higher has licensing implications for any customers who are currently using or planning to use TT API. Prior to installing this, such customers should consult with their TAMs.

Why Should I Upgrade?

FIX Adapter 7.8.10 fixes several issues reported from the field.

System Requirements

FIX Adapter 7.8.10 fixes several issues reported from the field.

Installation Notes

  1. Windows Server 2008 R2
    1. After installing or upgrading FIX Adapter on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine, the Windows registry key "DisableDHCPMediaSense" must be set back to '0'.

  2. Upgrades
    1. Customers should contact their Technical Account Manager for data migration assistance prior to upgrading from FIX Adapter versions prior to 7.6.0.

    2. Upgrades from pre-7.8.x versions of FIX Adapter must take place over a weekend and sessions must be reset prior to the first startup after the upgrade. Historical fills from before the upgrade will be unavailable.

    3. If your current FIX Adapter is 32-bit running on a 64-bit operating system and you would like to upgrade to the 64-bit FIX Adapter, you must uninstall your existing version and perform a clean install of the 64-bit version.

  3. Reboot
    1. This release is packaged with TT Chron 7.7.3. After installing FIX Adapter, the user may be prompted to reboot the machine. This is needed in order for TT Chron's TTK utility to function without having to specify the full path (<root>:\tt\ttchron\ttk.exe).


  1. General
    1. Added additional logging for slow consumer scenarios. (Ref 219373)


  1. General
    1. Fixed an issue that could cause price and instrument requests to be dropped if a TT Gateway's Order or Fill Server is restarted while the Price feed is left running. (Ref 223228)

    2. Fixed an issue that could prevent FIX Adapter from starting up successfully if its connection attempt to TT User Setup times out. (Ref 223916)

    3. Fixed an issue that could cause FIX Adapter to crash when it is configured to connect to many Synthetic Strategy Engines. (Ref 224389)

  2. Orders / Fills
    1. Fixed an issue that could cause FIX Adapter to send incorrect tag 39 (OrdStatus) and tag 150 (ExecType) values in Execution Report (8) messages when orders that were filled while FIX Adapter was down are subsequently confirmed. (Ref 223769)

Known Issues