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Important Notes

SGX: New Product Additions

June 4

SGX is adding new single-stock futures and spreads that will be available in Production on June 15. These products are now available for testing in DDE and UAT.

X_TRADER Platform Impact

To trade these products, apply an updated pMerge file to all SGX Gateways:

  1. Copy the SGX.pmg file to <drive letter>:\tt\config.

  2. Stop GuardServer.

  3. Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\bin.

  4. Double-click pMerge.exe. The Enter Exchange Name window appears.

  5. Specify the exchange name and flavor and click OK. The Open Guardian product table merge file window appears.

  6. Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\config and select the SGX.pmg file. pMerge will update the existing Guardian Product Table with the correct values. After pMerge completes its tasks, the pMerge status bar displays Finished.

  7. Close the pMerge status bar.

  8. Start GuardServer.

Repeat these steps for each SGX Gateway. After pMerge runs, verify that the Guardian Product Table contains the following values:

Product: Comfortdelgro Futures

Symbol: YCDD

Point Value: 5000

Product: DBS Futures

Symbol: YDBS

Point Value: 500

Product: Genting Futures

Symbol: YGEN

Point Value: 5000

Product: Keppel Futures

Symbol: YKEP

Point Value: 3000

Product: OCBC Futures

Symbol: YOCB

Point Value: 2000

Product: Singtel Futures

Symbol: YSTE

Point Value: 5000

Product: Thai Beverage Futures

Symbol: YTBE

Point Value: 10000

Product: UOB Futures

Symbol: YUOB

Point Value: 1000

Product: Wilmar Futures

Symbol: YWIL

Point Value: 5000

Product: Yangzijiang Shipbldg Futures

Symbol: YYZJ

Point Value: 10000