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Important Notes

TT strives to provide customers with an optimal trading experience by offering the fastest, most flexible software in the industry. We believe our X_TRADER toolset will exceed your highest trading expectations – so we are giving you an opportunity to “test drive” it yourself! Find out why X_TRADER continues to be one of the most popular, powerful tools in the business.

The executables included in the X_TRADER Test Drive package are designed to automatically plug in the connection settings required to access the demo environment for a limited time, so install X_TRADER today! Please note that no other versions of X_TRADER can be installed.

Refer to the email you received from TT for your X_TRADER username and password. This email also includes download and install instructions.

Pre-installation Instructions:

  1. Prior to installing the demo software, you must have .NET 4.0 installed on your machine.

  2. Within Windows, disable the User Account Control (UAC) by setting the notification level to Never notify.

    1. Select the Start globe, and click Control Panel.

    2. Click System and Security.

    3. Click Change User Account Control settings within the Action Center section.

    4. Move the slider to Never notify.

    5. Click OK to save the changes.

  3. Within Windows, disable Base Filtering Engine (BFE).

  4. Within Windows, disable the Computer Browser service.

  5. Download and install the TCP Loopback Latency Hotfix.

  6. Install the demo software as per normal installation procedures. If you need assistance with changing any of the settings, please contact the IT staff at your firm. TT can also assist when your IT staff is unavailable.

  7. After all of these changes have been made, reboot your machine.

Note: Failure to perform each step will cause installation and performance issues.

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